IDFC Group

IDFC has been an integral part of the country's development story since 1997, when  IDFC was formed with the specific mandate to build the nation.

Since 2005, IDFC have built on  vision to be the 'one firm' that looks after the diverse needs of infrastructure development. Whether it is financial intermediation for infrastructure projects and services, adding value through innovative products to the infrastructure value chain or asset maintenance of existing infrastructure projects, IDFC focus on supporting companies to get the best return on investments.

IDFC’S growth has been driven by the substantial investment requirements of the infrastructure sector in India combined with the growth in the Indian economy over the last several years. IDFC’s  ability to tap global as well as Indian financial resources makes us the acknowledged experts in infrastructure.

IDFC Infrastructure Finance Limited (IDFC IFL) is an infrastructure financing entity under the NBFC format as per the RBI guidelines. IDFC Financial Holding Company Limited holds 30% stake in IDFC IFl, as the  Sponsor.